Thanksgiving Inspiration for Investors: A Powerful Message

What if you faced a life-threatening risk?  Would you have a plan?

No one could do it better than my friend, Norman Beck, who told his story in this terrific TED talk.  Norman combines emotion, insight, inspiration, and humor.  I promise that you will both enjoy and learn.


Norman did several things right:

  1.  He recognized the importance of the problem, and faced it logically.
  2.  He sought the best help.
  3.  Since he did not know how to find the best doctor, he enlisted the help of those who could.
  4.  He did not want someone “from the bottom half of the class.”
  5.  He recognized that this was not a commodity service, so he did not merely look for the lowest price.  He knew that all doctors were not equal.

There is a lesson here for investors.  Few  will share Norman’s life-threatening issues, but many face important financial challenges.

I hope everyone enjoys and learns from this inspirational Thanksgiving Day message.