Weighing the Week Ahead: A Congressional Vacation?

Weighing the Week Ahead: A Congressional Vacation?  Once again, the calendar includes most of the important economic news in a single week.  Competing with the data will be the ongoing discussion of important policy issues.  Most significant are the debt ceiling and tax policy.  Congress will start a five-week recess.  I expect pundits to be […]

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Stock Exchange: Is Technical Analysis Effective Post-Election?

A truly disruptive event generates surprisingly large moves – sectors, stocks, and sometimes the overall market. Methods that work well in normal times may break down under this stress. Traders and investors must ask: Is my system still working? Should I adjust? Should I suspend operations for a time? When trading based upon scientifically developed […]

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Post Election: Pause, Reflect, and Act Carefully

Take a deep breath. Or maybe two. The biggest trap for investors during an aggressive political campaign? Allowing the political narrative to become the foundation for your portfolio decisions. I have frequently advocated that investors should be “politically agnostic,” willing to make sound investments regardless of who is in power. This is always easier said […]

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