Weighing the Week Ahead: Which Stocks Benefit Most from Trump Policy Changes?

The economic calendar is normal, but there will be a lot of competing news – Korean talks, China negotiations, and the Trump legal team’s announcement about whether the President will meet with Special Counsel Mueller. And those are just the items we know about! Sometimes there are great themes that do not get the deserved […]

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Weighing the Week Ahead: A Congressional Vacation?

Weighing the Week Ahead: A Congressional Vacation?  Once again, the calendar includes most of the important economic news in a single week.  Competing with the data will be the ongoing discussion of important policy issues.  Most significant are the debt ceiling and tax policy.  Congress will start a five-week recess.  I expect pundits to be […]

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Stock Exchange: Is Technical Analysis Effective Post-Election?

A truly disruptive event generates surprisingly large moves – sectors, stocks, and sometimes the overall market. Methods that work well in normal times may break down under this stress. Traders and investors must ask: Is my system still working? Should I adjust? Should I suspend operations for a time? When trading based upon scientifically developed […]

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