Weighing the Week Ahead: Asking the Right Questions

There is a big economic calendar featuring the most important monthly reports – employment, ISM manufacturing, ISM services, and auto sales. In normal times we would be analyzing the data and the implications for corporate earnings and interest rates. There will be some of that, of course, but the “real” market news seems to be […]

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Weighing the Week Ahead: Time for the 2015 Pundit Forecasts!

With little fresh news during the holidays and many pros on vacation, I expect a time of reflection and prediction. Publications hungry for content and TV producers needing to fill slots will highlight forecasts of any and all flavors. This happens every year, but the mid-week holidays are pushing it a little earlier than usual, […]

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Weighing the Week Ahead: More Clarity from the Market Message?

Do you have an opinion about stocks or bonds or foreign exchange? If so, it is easy to find a market message that will support (or contradict) your viewpoint. The “message” of the market has rarely been this confused. With plenty of important news and data this week, the theme will be: Can we find […]

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