Possible Changes in WTWA

I have been considering some changes in my long-running WTWA series. While it is working well for its main function – focusing my own thoughts and communicating with clients and followers – some changes might make it better. It takes a very long time to prepare. I also find that many of my colleagues, who might link to a specific portion, have difficulty categorizing the entire post. While I am not particularly motivated by page views, I am energized by discussion from peers as well as readers. Shorter might be better for that purpose.

Perhaps most importantly, I am very disappointed that others have not joined me in recognizing Silver Bullet winners, or doing something like that themselves. It is vitally important. It is a good idea, but I need help. Even my annual review of winners was not cited by many of those who carry my work. It does not fit the normal boxes. Their boxes should be changed!

Finally, I understand that many do not like to read long posts, even when it is easy to scroll to a favorite section.

I am considering the following possibilities:

  • Shortening the article by removing some sections entirely.
  • Shortening the main article, but publishing some sections separately.
  • Reducing the number of links for investors.
  • Eliminating the “trading section.”
  • Publishing the theme, and my own ideas, as a separate post.
  • Eliminating references to Mrs. OldProf. (This is a test to see if anyone is reading this).

To help in your recommendations, here are the current sections I include.

  • Main theme – Focus for next week, alternative viewpoints, and often a foil for my message.
  • Summary of last week – just keeping things honest.
  • Overview and chart of the prior week. Needed perspective.
  • The good, bad, and ugly. Others have “succinct summaries” but these combine causes and effects. They also include dubious indicators while leaving out important information. I do it better, but it might not be worth the effort.
  • The Silver Bullet. Vital. Maybe should just be a standalone post.
  • The calendar. There are many efforts to do this, but they are all exhaustive. People need to know what is really important, and why. I am considering dropping this and developing a separate guide.
  • Indicator Snapshot – a summary of what I regard as important.
  • Featured updates – either from regular sources or outstanding posts from others.
  • Trading ideas. I try to separate trading and investing, mostly to prevent investors from excess trading.
  • Investment ideas, including “best of the week.” This takes a lot of work to screen and evaluate. I note that most of my blogging colleagues are talking less about stocks. If you are an investor looking for ideas, you will not get much help from the top-rated blogs.
  • My final thought – with a bit of market advice.


What do you think? Do you have some favorite items? What can I drop? Anything I should consider adding?

Please feel free to comment (which might stimulate some discussion) or to send me a private email.

Thanks to my readers!